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NSF's NOIRLab is monitoring the development of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of its staff and the public, it has been decided as a precautionary measure to suspend all in-person public events at all NOIRLab sites until further notice. Therefore the Teen Astronomy Café program has gone virtual with its June 27, 2020 café. Please sign up below for this online opportunity and you will be emailed the relevant information to connect to the café.

Explore the birth and death of stars, killer asteroids, the structure of the universe, dark energy, dark matter, colliding galaxies & more!

Meet with astronomers over coffee and food • Try computer programs astronomers use • Hear the latest news • Work with actual data

The program is free. Please sign up for the Teen Astronomy Café Program to reserve your spot and receive the link to the online café.

The next café takes place on June 27, 2020

Breaking the Solar System (and Other Ways Simulations Help Us Understand Our Universe)
with Christine O’Donnell and Rachel Smullen

Explore the birth and death of stars, killer asteroids, the structure of the universe, gravitational lenses, dark energy, dark matter, colliding galaxies and more through hands-on activities related to the short presentation. Use the actual computer programs and data that the scientists use as you participate in a state-of-the-art computer lab activity, watch a movie, or explore the topic with a 3-D printer or an Oculus Rift! The Teen Astronomy Cafés are open to all high school students at no cost. The program aims to elevate student achievement and desire to go to college, and perhaps inspire some students to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

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FOR STUDENTS interested in attending the Astronomy Cafés, check the boxes for the Saturday dates you will attend. The Astronomy Cafés will be held at the NOIRLab Headquarters, 950 N Cherry Ave., on the University of Arizona Campus, Room 27, from 9:30-Noon.

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(Online Café)